Scapegoat, the Persecuted Jew


 “Throughout time, the Voice of God has cried out to those like the Jeremiahs, the Joels and the Ezekiels... ‘Watchman, what of the night?’ In those darkest of moments the prophets have set the trumpet to their mouth to declare the warning sound of alarm to those in danger. So has Dr. Shaw, in this compelling and scholarly work, given a clear, concise, clarion sound of alarm to warn of one of the greatest of evils—Anti-Semitism! As the words of these pages grip your heart, you too will feel the need to sound an alarm to your surrounding world politically, religiously and in community: Never Again!” 

—Rev. David J. Sagil, Director, Ministry Of Jewish Relations, affiliated with Multi-Cultural Ministries, United Pentecostal Church International